Going Psych-o While Losing Weight

This is a mesh blog of weightloss and my more recent love/obsession of Psych. It's a replacement blog that i lost my password to. A blog done my way. ☺ I'll post stats from my previous blog as soon as I have access to a computer with Internet. Happy Browsing!

The struggles and tears and long journey from 229 to 125 starting in 2011 and beyond. :)

Height: 5'4" Current Weight: 183 (07/15/2011)

Ultimate Goal Weight: 125 (or wherever I feel comfortable)

Method of Weightloss: Simple Plain Ol' Diet and Exercise while using MyFitnessPal to calorie count. CORRECTION:: Using HCG drops (brand Wellgenix) in conjunction to VLCD to help me get a kick start on my diet.

1st GW: 200 (-29 lbs.) DONE! (11/8/11)

2nd GW: 174 (-55 lbs.) BMI from Obese to Overweight

3rd GW: 145 (-84 lbs.) BMI from Overweight to Normal

UGW: 125 (-104 lbs.)

MFP User name: Curlyprice

Got lots of compliments on my hair today figure I’d post it on here.

Stay beautiful Tumblr!

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